To return to Welcome Page, click HERE RACES - - - Competitors will be allowed to participate in only one race at the “YES-Athletics Distance Challenge”. The object of the races in this meet is to allow you to run as fast as possible to set the stage for your outdoor season. In both the mile and 3200, high school and middle school races may be combined to provide the best competition. In order to keep the meet running efficiently, some pacers may have both girls and boys running with them in order to provide the best opportunity for everyone to run fast. This indoor meet is unique in that the athletes will be helping each other run fast with the help of a pacer. Here are the following time barriers that the pacers in each of the particular races will be helping the athletes break: Mile 3200 Boys Girls Boys Girls 5:20 pace 6:10 pace 10:50 pace 12:30 pace 5:10 pace 6:00 pace 10:35 pace 12:15 pace 5:00 pace 5:50 pace 10:20 pace 12:00 pace 4:50 pace 5:40 pace 10:05 pace 11:45 pace 4:40 pace 5:30 pace 9:50 pace 11:30 pace 4:30 pace 5:20 pace 9:35 pace 11:15 pace 4:20 pace 5:10 pace 9:20 pace 11:00 pace NOTE: Athletes ready to run significantly faster than these established time barriers will be provided with their own special pacer to help them in their quest. The meet director reserves the right to combine two races if there are not enough entries to fill one race. Each group within the race will have their own pacer. Athletes that want to run in either the mile or 3200m races but anticipate that they will probably run slower than the goal paces above will still be allowed to race at the meet.
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