To return to Welcome Page, click HERE ONLINE REGISTRATION - - - (Deadline: 2-21-2020 @ 10:00pm - - - FRIDAY) PARENTS - - - READ THIS PAGE CAREFULLY. - - - Each student must be entered online by his/her PARENT. (Students may not be entered by a school coach.) The entries will be done online on the ENDURO USA website. ( (No “day of” entries.) PARENTS: it’s HIGHLY suggested that you complete the following steps on a COMPUTER - not a phone/small screen device. This website was originally designed for school coaches - primarily using COMPUTERS. INSTRUCTIONS: The following information will illustrate the “clicks” you will find on the website to correctly enter your child (student). - - - PARENT INSTRUCTIONS: go to - - - - - - Set up an account in YOUR name, as the parent (adult) - - - NOT in your student’s name. If you already have an account, but can’t remember your login (username - password), contact Kevin at: - - - After you log into your account, click on “My Roster List” in the left navigation panel. - - - - - then click on “Rosters for Parents”; (Each student may only be entered by his/her parent.) - - - - - then on “Association Events”; (This is a YES-Athletics sanctioned event.) - - - - - then on Unattached Student”; (There are no schools/clubs represented in this event. All students are “UNA”.) - - - This will take you to the correct ROSTER to “search for and ADD” your student to your UNA Roster. NOTE: when you search for your student (in the website database) - your student may already be assigned to his/her school’s or club’s roster. If this is the case, you will have the option to “DUPLICATE” that student in the database, which will ADD him/her to your UNA Roster, while leaving your student on his/her original school or club roster. - - - After your student is listed on your Roster, complete online PARENT AUTHORIZATION. (Paper forms are not used.) NOTE: if your runner already has PA completed from previous events (or years), the PA process does not have to be repeated. - - - It will say “YES” in the PA column if your runner already has Parent Authorization completed. - - - After “Parent Authorization” is complete, click on the “Distance Challenge” (on the right side of the window). This will take you to the meet’s “PREVIEW” widow. On the “Preview” window, click the “Proceed to Entries” button. - - - This will take you to the meet’s “ENTRIES Window”. - - - On the “Entries Window” complete ALL of the Steps - - - INCLUDING THE “VERIFICATION” STEP. If you do not complete the step to VERIFY your entry, your runner(s) will NOT be entered in the meet - - - even if you have paid the Event Entry Fee. - - - Also, be sure to enter BOTH times for your runner - his/her “PR” & his/her “GOAL” time for the “Distance Challenge”. NOTE: each event is listed twice on the Entries Window, as follows: 800m Run (my PR) - and - 800m Run (my GOAL time). Enter your runner in BOTH of these events if your runner is participating in the 800m Run. The same holds true for the “1 Mile Run” and the “3200m Run”. If you have any questions concerning the online entry process, feel free to contact Kevin McWatters at the following email address: REFER TO THIS PAGE AFTER YOU LOG INTO YOUR ENDURO USA ACCOUNT, AS NEEDED.
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